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Are you ready, Full Throttle Saloon hits the air on TRUtv November 17th.  I am 'extra' ready after interviewing Jessie Dupree, Michael Ballard and the gorgeous Angie.  All three are so excited about this season's show that they are about to explode.

Jesse James DupreeJessie Dupree, lead singer in Jackyl says, "This season is going to be a good ride, we have captured lightning in a bottle." Which can or can't be a good thing after last years horrible weather during the famous Sturgis. But all three say we are in for an exciting ride full of drama and all kinds of imaginable craziness!

Michael Ballard's dream was to own the biggest, baddest, most unique bar anywhere...and he made it happen.  He exclaims, with the beautiful Angie by his side, that his dream has come true with Full Throttle Saloon, he also exclaims that he is so proud to have had the ability, knowledge and support to make it happen.  AngieHis huge infamous saloon has some new looks this year.  He tells us, "This is our 11th year and I am proud to see my vision come to life.  I built the place and am the original owner and love how far we have come.  I have a staff of over 300 people that make it happen.  It is hard, don't get me wrong, we move up there in May and stay till early October getting everything ready and then torn down.  It takes about a quarter of a million dollars just to open the doors.  With staff, training, food, beer, music, and everything else it is a big undertaking, but one I am proud to do.  We probably saw about 600,000 people in our bar this year and therefore it takes a lot of work and a great staff.  The bar holds about 15,000 people and we are proud to announce we expanded some this year.  We added a few more bars, bridges, cabins and now have two semi-trucks hanging for Goat the DJ."

When I asked him how many tires the burn-out pit went through, he proudly boasted about 160 week....WOW!

I wanted to know the other side of Michael and Angie and asked what they do in their off time, Angie speaks up and said, "Fishing, I love to fish."  AngieOk guys as soon as I know where, I will let you know because I am sure a lot of guys would suddenly take up fishing or at least 'fishing watching'!  She also confided in me that she is ready to have a baby and be a mom...I can see that!  They make a great couple and team as it takes him to manage the bar and I know Angie has her hands full with the Flaunt Girls.  Angie also announced the Flaunt girls new website coming, stayed tuned to Fullthrottlesaloon.com for more info.  "There is a lot more drama this season with the girls so you better be prepared when you watch, it is outstanding," states, Angie.

As Jessie is getting ready for his tour starting in a few months, he exclaims that this past season at the Full Throttle was exceptional.  He is the lead singer with Jackyl and tells us he is proud to begin touring with Run DMC as they have recorded some great songs together...you just have to hear them.  "I love being a part of Full Throttle and am proud to hold the world record for the number of shows performed.  I have done 21 shows in a 24 hour period and 100 shows over 50 days."  He tells us that if anyone challenges him on that he will gladly shake their hand and call them the winner, as he does not want to try that again.  That is hard to believe because Jessie is one hard worker and always has to have something going on.

We asked Jessie about his personal life and he boasted, "I have a wife and three great kids.  Now mind you the PTA don't like to see me coming but I consider myself a great dad and love my family. I love what I do and am proud to do it."

When I asked him about literally showing his ass in 2009 Sturgis while on the stage and will we be honored again to see it, he fired back with, "I tell you what Donna, I take showing my ass to a whole new level."  Huh...wonder what that means, I guess we will have to watch and find out...

Get ready for November 17th and every Wednesday after that and catch the outstanding Full Throttle Saloon, it has something for everyone!



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